ICON™ Infiltration

Revitalize and Brighten Your Smile with the Icon Technique!





ICON Infiltration for White Spot Treatment

At North Creek Dental Care, we pride ourselves on offering a gentle remedy for white spots on teeth using the cutting-edge ICON technique, all without the need for drills or injections. White spotting on teeth can be caused by decay, fluoride overexposure or braces. Our Icon treatment seamlessly integrates the discoloration with the surrounding enamel, enhancing your smile’s aesthetic appeal. Our highly fluid resin is applied to the affected tooth, penetrating pores to fill and balance out discoloration. Say goodbye to white spots and hello to a more confident smile! For more information about treating early decay and white spot lesions with our Icon infiltration technique, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office today. We can evaluate your smile and determine if the Icon method is the right fit for you.

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