Say Goodbye to Braces, Hello to Confidence: Invisalign for Adult Orthodontic Care

Braces are no longer just for kids! Adults worldwide are choosing to straighten their teeth with Invisalign aligner technology. Clear aligner therapy can fix several issues, including but not limited to the following;





-Preventing tooth wear

Invisalign can treat these conditions without traditional brackets and wires. Patients interested in enhancing their smile with Invisalign need only to make an appointment with a dental professional. 

Your consultation appointment will include dental X-rays, a scan of your teeth, and possibly dental impressions. Your dentist will then submit your case to Invisalign, where they will fabricate your set of clear aligners through computer technology. These aligners will need to be worn 22-24 hours a day. Through slow pressure, the aligners will move your teeth in position. 

The patient will wear the aligner for two weeks. After that period, the teeth will move so that the aligner will no longer apply pressure to the teeth. The patient will then wear the next set of aligners. You will have an appointment every six weeks to have a dental check-up and receive your next set of aligners. 

It is imperative to practice good oral hygiene while receiving orthodontic treatment. During treatment, The patient will remove the appliances when eating—replacing them after brushing and flossing.

Invisalign therapy is an excellent option for appearance-conscious teenagers and adults. After treatment, the patient will receive a set of retainers that can be used to hold the teeth in their correct position and as whitening trays. 

Are you interested in Invisalign? Are you a good candidate for treatment? Call our office today for a free consultation. Mention this article and receive $500 off treatment. We look forward to giving you a smile you deserve. 

Dr. Bohdanna Czerniak is certified by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics and, as a dentist, is familiar with facial anatomy, and oral and perioral areas. We offer complimentary Botox consultations so you can find out how Dr. Czerniak can help you achieve excellent results to help boost the beauty of your smile. North Creek Dental Care is located at 18425 West Creek Drive in Tinley Park; (708) 532-4131.
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